Truck Value: What Is My Truck’s Blue Book Value?

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The worst thing that you can possibly do when buying or selling a truck is a simple mistake.

Not understanding what your truck is worth!

The value of your truck is influenced in part by its blue book value, wear-and-tear, damage, and many other factors. So it’s important to understand how trucks are valued.

For the most part, the blue book value is an indicator of the true value of a truck.

The blue book value quotes is a median (middle-of-the-road) selling price for a vehicle. It’s not the highest price, not the lowest – so it takes into account an “average” amount of wear and tear to a truck (and let’s face it – trucks are work vehicles… a little bit of damage, some chipped paintwork – it’s expected!)

But if your truck has a lot of damage, or is in pristine condition, then your truck could be worth a lot more, or a lot less.

How much more or less?

Well, this is a function of the market – how much someone is willing to pay.

Obviously buyers and sellers both want to get the best deal possible.

Truck-owners want to get the biggest price for their truck;

And truck buyers want to get a bargain.

So naturally they will find a price that’s somewhere in the middle.

This is why the truck value blue book (the official Kelley’s book, or the NADA book, or another market value) is a reasonably good indicator of what a a truck is truly worth.

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